Ashley Nicklaus Appraisals and Gem Lab

Registered Gemologist Appraiser, Ashley Nicklaus, is on-site to assist with your appraisal needs of your fine jewelry. 

Ashley entered into the jewelry industry roughly 15 years ago by working within the walls of a pawn shop. She finds joy in looking at gems and diamonds under a microscope and using gemological tools to identify gemstones as genuine, synthetic, or treated. No two gemstones are the same when you look deep inside and see the different landscapes that were created during the formation process.

Creating an appraisal does not rely solely the ability to identify if something is of value or real/fake. It takes an immense understanding of the jewelry industry in the wholesale and retail world to establish value and represent your item correctly.

Onsite and mobile jewelry appraisals are offered while you wait. Detailed photos are taken and written descriptions are provided to accurately represent your item for any area of need (Insurance Replacement, Estate, Liquidation, Trusts, Fair Market Value, Divorce, Bankruptcy, and Legal Settlements). 

Consumer Verification and Verbal Valuations are also available.